Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sabbath Memorial Rescue Needs Your Help!

Meet Chowder:

He's one of the many animals who are currently residing at the Sabbath Memorial Rescue, a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue here in Miami. While he is happily awaiting his adoption, he does not realize that his life is currently in danger as he and the other 150 or so dogs (and cats) that live at the rescue may be euthanized soon due to the possibly closing of the shelter.

I just received a message about this and thought i'd pass it along. We have so very few animal rescues here that it would be a complete pity to have another one shut down, resulting in dozens of animals being euthanized. Read on:

"Because of a kennel license violation, Miami Dade Animal Services director, Sara Pizano, has put a $5000 lien on the farm land where Sabbath Rescue is located. They have intimidated the owner of the land to such an extent that he refused to fight the citation/with our lawyer present. Sabbath has been ordered off the farm in 12 days. They will fight this but regardless if Animal Services sees they have not moved in time it is their intention to forcibly take the 150 dogs they have to their slaughter.

Quite simply they lack a Kennel license. They have been at this for 9 years and never bothered by AS over this issue. Now they want to fine the owner of the property and have them removed rather than give them the license. It truly makes no sense for they are not a kennel. A kennel is a for profit business and they are a rescue, totally different. That is it. Over a piece of paper that could be issued to them they would rather close them down and kill their dogs. 150 of them.

Note from Sabbath Rescue: I am suggesting the following......Please send to your contacts to help us with this if you feel you would like to. Thank you. If after reading the below information and you want to help please notify...

Mayor Carlos Alvarez
Stephen P. Clark Center
111 NW 1st Street, 29th floor
Miami, Florida 33128

Phone 305-375-5071
Fax 305-375-3618

He has the power to end this problem by issuing an order to grant Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc. a kennel license so we may continue to operate our shelter. In most communities in America a person can operate a Rescue (which is non-profit) and not need any other special permitting. Here we need a kennel license which is a for profit business and has nothing to do with rescue. Please support Sabbath Dog Rescue and the 150 dogs we not have. Thank you.

Need I say more? Please call Robbie at 305-799-1567 if you want to help. Writing Mayor Alvarez is how this dilemma can end.

After 9 years and 2500 dogs AS could have grand-fathered this license in but they chose not to.

To all: Robbie needs all the help he can get. If you feel you can help please call him.


PS. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! If you seriously want a new pet, go adopt one. People don't realize how selfish it is to continue to carelessly breed more animals when so many are going uncared for and euthanized as a result.

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