Monday, August 10, 2009

The Legacy of John Hughes

Forgive me as I know I'm a few days late on this. For those of you who have been living in a cave, John Hughes, beloved director and writer of every great 80's teen flick as well as several holiday favorites and other feel-good movies, passed away 4 days ago after suffering a heart attack at the age of 59. Everyone knows at least one of his movies, and most of us can quote a few of 'em as well. And we all have one that is more beloved than the rest. This is my Top 5 John Hughe's film list, along with clips (trailers, re-enactments, etc) Mind you, some of these are films he directed while others are ones he wrote/produced:

Honorable Mention.
The Breakfast Club - If you've ever had a television set, it's guaranteed you've watched this film. Seriously. It's all kinds of high school cliche sillyness wrapped in to an afternoon in detention. Ally Sheedy is the super adorable and hip "loner" girl, Anthony Michael Hall is the uber-geek, Emilio Estevez is the annoying jock, Molly Ringwald is the stuck up prude prom queen, and Judd Nelson is the guy that's been in high school for at least 15 years that's a total "rebel" except all he really wants is daddy's love. Good times! It's even inspired a few parodies, like so:

5. Dutch - Got to see this little gem last year as it's a Thanksgiving film. All kinds of hilarious and totally underrated. Ed O'Neil (aka Ted Bundy from Married with Children) and an adorable albeit pre-pubescent Ethan Embry star in this hilarious movie about a spoiled, rich little brat who wants to give her mom's new boyfriend an absurdly hard time

4. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York - I used to hate the Home Alone movies for some reason, but over time they've grown on me. Part 2 is definitely my favorite (Tim Curry AND New York City? What more could you ask for?!) Watch the trailer and make sure to watch the movie this holiday season:

3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Somehow, I made it through my childhood without watching this amazing holiday movie. Luckily, though, Tony finally showed me the light last year during the holiday season and it has become an instant favorite. John Candy and Steve Martin are incredible (and incredibly funny) together. This is a scene Tony always told me he and his brother always loved - probably one of THE funniest scenes throughout the film. Take a look:

2. Curly Sue - This underrated little gem holds a truly special place in my heart. Throughout my childhood, this film was always on TV during Thanksgiving and so watching it transports me back to a simpler time when the holidays meant crowded family dinners and turning the house upside down trying to find Christmas gifts. Here's a clip of Miss Curly Sue herself singing the Star Spangled Banner before the TV station went out.

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - The epitome teen movie. Who doesn't dream of playing hooky? How many of us actually got a day off like Ferris? What girl didn't have a crush on both Ferris AND Cameron? And what about junky-looking Charlie Sheen? Seriously good stuff. Check out the best lines compilation below!

Whats your favorite Hughes flick?

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