Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - Bathroom/Shower Routine

I missed last week's GTT not because I had nothing to say, but because I had all too much to say. The post is still lying in my edit posts folder. I should really get around to it.

But anyway... here's today's topic: Bath/shower routine!

As a kid, I used to completely HATE showering. It felt like they took time away from the rest of life (like playing w/ my toys and reading Archie Comics and watching Sailor Moon.) I literally washed maybe once or twice a week from childhood up to adolescence (damn you, hormonal changes!) I was still a reluctant shower-er after that and I don't think I finally got in to the daily (or almost daily) shower routine until these last 3 or 4 years. My routine has changed over the years, but now consists of:

  • Bring all necessary items in to bathroom (including but not limited to: clean towel, flip flops/slippers, a change of clothes, and a DVD to watch - you heard that correctly)
  • Disrobe. Turn on mini DVD player that sits by the sink (and usually put on an episode of Gilmore Girls)
  • Test out water... making sure it's not too warm, almost room temperature really (hot water dries out my skin terribly)
  • Step inside and begin the rinsing process!
  • Shampoo first (currently using 3 different items: Nature's Gate Biotin Strengthening shampoo I use maybe 1-2x/wk, Nature's Gate Lavender & Aloe Shampoo also used 1-2x/wk, and pure aloe vera for every day in between)
  • Begin lathering bath poof with whatever soap I may have at the time (currently using Victoria's Secret Squeaky Pink shower & shave gel as someone gave it to me as a gift, but usually using Hugo Natural's handcrafted bar soaps)
  • A few times a week, instead of scrubbing w/ a lathered up shower poof, i'll use a hard sponge (exclusively w/ the HN bar soap) in order to get rid of all the dead skin and rough spots.
  • If I am shaving that day, this would be the time. Top to bottom, always, using Alba Botanic Shave cream (in Mango Vanilla or Aloe Mint) and very unfortunately, Gillette Venus razors (as I haven't found a better vegan-friendly razor, but am taking suggestions now!)
  • Rinse all that off and if I feel like it, I condition the tips of my hair with Nature's Gate Lavender & Aloe conditioner.
  • About once a week (or when I remember to), I scrub my feet with a pumice stone to get rid of any hard skin.
  • Next, I lightly wash my face with one of the HN bar soaps I have.
  • Finally, I switch the water to cold to seal the pores and get nice and invigorated!
It's a pretty lengthy process when you write it all out. It can take me anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour (if I'm shaving.) I used to sing more in the shower but ever since I started playing DVDs I kind of just zone out and listen to the episodes (which I realize is kind of bizarre.) But if it's a special occasion and I want to get excited about something, i'll bring in my old boombox and play an old CD (like my Angus soundtrack, my Hole mix, some Green Day, maybe an old ska CD, or something else - it's always something cheesy) and dance around in the shower and sing to my hearts' content.

Once I finish my shower, I step on to this bamboo mat we have and dry myself off with my towel and then step on to my slippers. I have this thing about not wanting to step on the floor right after a shower. Gives me the willies and I don't know why.

Also, I never take baths. I grew up being told that taking a bath in a place you're renting it gross because of all the people that may've lived there once. I think maybe i've taken a total of 2 or 3 baths my entire life. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out.

So what's your bath routine like?

PS. I do have a rubber ducky in my shower. I have yet to name her/him, but it's been with me for almost 3 years now. Eventually, i'd like to buy him some friends (in a way that doesn't include his/her joining a fraternity/sorority.)


Abdul said...

It may be a girl's talk topic, but I don't care, gonna answer anyway. >=) Not that my routine is anything special. >=P

Basically, I get in the shower, rinse off, jump back out if I'm gonna shave or if not I continue to shampooing my head. Rinse off my head and I was my face and behind my ears. Then I use the luffa (is that how it's spelled?) And scrub down everywhere but my right shoulder, which I use my hand or a wash cloth on cause of my tattoo, then I rinse all the soap off, and I'm done. 10 minutes tops usually.

Jenny said...

wow you have some nice showers and fancy soap stuffs... i feel deprived. what's hn btw and vegan razors?