Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Farewell, Ted Kennedy.

I couldn't really write an obit or anything really about the passing of Edward "Ted" Kennedy, because I didn't know him and quite frankly didn't know much about his life. I realize, though, that he was an important man who pushed some of the most important legislation in the last few decades. I also realize he was a flawed man whose personal life was doused with controversy and tragedy. I leave you then, with his NY Time's obituary, which in 7 pages, surmises some of Ted's lowest and highest points, as well as his impact on our government and country.


Anonymous said...

I really think it is so sad that he has passed on. He truly was one of my favorite political figures. Ted was such a huge force that did so much good.

By the way it is painted_dreams from live journal. I am following you now :-D

(She got Herself up) Killingly said...

oo rock on! you're on my follow-list now too :) hooray for blogger! for some reason i am more motivated to write on here than on lj.