Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moment of Geek: True Blood

I started watching True Blood on a whim. I was kinda iffy, what with all the Twilight hubub that had been going on (which I have yet to check out... if I ever decide to at all, that is.) But True Blood just looked like it would be better than that from the get go. After all, it IS written by Alan Ball, of American Beauty/Six Feet Under fame. I really dug the whodunit vibe of Season 1, especially because i've never been a fan of the mystery genre (but I guess I can dig anything if it involves vampires... or zombies too, actually.) Season 1 ended on a bizarre note and I was almost a little weary of Season 2 getting a bit too off the wall for my taste (note: shape shifters and crazy demon type lady.) But Mr. Ball and Ms. Charlaine Harris are totally proving me wrong because it all really, really works. The show is really getting good now. This last episode was better than any yet. Here's the preview for the next episode! Ahh, August 2nd is too far!

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