Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moment of Geek: Katamari Time!

I first discovered the Katamari games when I saw Tony's nephew and sister-in-law playing it. They seemed pretty psyched about it and eventually I gave it a whirl. This whirl became thoroughly addicting. It had everything I could possibly ever want in a game: bright colors, bizarre graphics, an even more bizarre plot, a kick-ass soundtrack, and required little of the user. It's one of the easiest games to zone out to. You don't do much except roll around in a ball and pick stuff up as you go. It's, well, genius!

(this is the intro for Katamari Damacy, in all its flying king/rainbow glory)

I think a year passed before I thought about buying the game myself. And then one day I walked in to GameStop (or was it EB Games?) and saw it there. Glowing. A used copy of Katamari Damacy for the PlayStation 2. I had to have it! And so, I snatched it up and whipped out my credit card and got the game. Tony and I were hooked for a few weeks at least, if not months - playing every time we got home from our respective jobs. Eventually, Tony beat the game as did I. We still had more to do in the game, like get a much bigger cow and the largest bear possible, or collect more crowns and fish and virgins. But it kind of lost its' luster. We play every so often, but now it was time for a new game.

(Tony holding our new copy of We Love Katamari!)

Tony had a dentist appointment today, so I wandered around the shopping center aimlessly. Eventually, I got to the GameStop and decided i'd see if luck was on my side. After perusing all the used PS2 games, I finally found it! We Love Katamari!!! I haven't played this one yet, but I'm already excited as hell to start rolling around and collecting random shit to a whole new catchy soundtrack. So forgive me if I disappear sometimes... Chances are I'm rolling around some alternate universe trying to get the biggest ball of crap before I run out of time!

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