Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - Weird Quirks

Well, well, well... where should I begin?

- I love plucking hair. Any kind of hair. This torments my boyfriend because I try to pluck any hair on him but he usually won't let me. I think I derive some kind of sadistic pleasure out of this.

- Whenever I see a coin on the floor in the street, even if it's just a penny (especially if it's a penny), I need to pick it up. I've walked back a block to go get it because I have a hidden belief that i'll lose money or have bad luck if I don't.

- I can't get out of the shower without drying my feet and standing on either my wooden mat or my slippers. Stepping on the floor gives me the heeb-jeebs.

- I don't like doing exams straight through. I need to jump from one page to another and back again or I get bored quickly. Plus I like to know what to expect by the end.

- After finishing a really good film, I need a few moments of silence. Sometimes I can't talk for a whole hour afterwards.

- I try to pretend I don't bite my nails anymore by just sucking and chewing on the side of a nail until it breaks and then I think "oh well, might as well bite off the whole thing!"

- Tony has gotten me in to the bad habit of smelling most of whatever I eat or drink before actually consuming it. It used to bother me, but now I just feel bad because I think I insulted someone by doing it once.

- I fold my shirts a specific way and it drives me crazy when they're folded any other way.

- I need to alphabetize my books and movies at all times.

- I drive very nervously when there is someone else in the car because I'm afraid they'll judge my driving. Unfortunately, everyone must think I am apprehensive behind the wheel at all times when it just isn't the case.

- I sneeze weird. Sometimes people think I'm coughing instead and offer me water.

- Whenever someone tells me they don't drink, I automatically feel I must get them drunk immediately.

- When I was a kid, I used to eat most of the frosting off the cake, and little of the bread. Now, I try to eat a little frosting with every bite of cake bread, usually resulting in my finishing the bread and throwing out the leftover frosting.

- I need my salad dressing to be on the side.

- Ice cubes: 2-3. But never necessary if the drink is already cold.

- I can't be around company for more than a day straight without getting a little out of sorts. I'm very fond of my alone time.

- I can usually squeeze myself (legs and all) in to any chair in such a position that I can sleep in it.

- I refuse to pick my nose unless it's a dire emergency type situation, and then only if I'm alone in a bathroom.

- I either like when my armpits and legs are shaved, or when the hair gets long, but hate the time in between.

- If I feel like I'm about to cry, I sometimes do two things to stop myself: stand in front of an a/c vent and keep my eyes wide open so the tears dry up, or go to a mirror and make stupid faces or smile until I can't cry because I realize how stupid I look.

- But sometimes, I like to cry uncontrollably until I'm about to throw up, and then I know it's time to calm down again.

- I like taking back roads to get to places, even if it might take a little longer.

- Whenever I go to an italian restaurant that specializes in pizza, I have to try the pizza and garlic rolls first. If I don't try it, I feel like I'm betraying something.

- I eat my pizza by alternating between bites of crust and bites of cheese, in a circular fashion, leaving the center with the most cheese for the very end.

- In fact, I eat all my meals strategically, usually leaving the center (or a very appealing looking corner) for the end.

- When at a restaurant, it really bugs me if they don't provide a straw for their drinks.

- I make a pretty big deal out of birthdays usually because I secretly want everyone to make a big deal out of mine... except I usually end up planning out my own birthday for fear that people will forget.

- It bothers me a lot when I put a food item away and then someone goes back for more. Drives me nuts.

- When in a public bathroom (or any bathroom that looks uncleanly), I need to wipe it down, put down a layer of toilet paper, and then hover over it in order to use it.

- I tend to grab things with my feet, or my toes to be more specific, such as pencils or pieces of paper, a lighter, a cord, etc.

- When I get pretty upset about something, I many times rub my eyebrows from the center on out repeatedly.

- I read the nutritional facts on as many food items as I can (unless I'm at a restaurant, in which case, I rarely go.)


Melissa Dominic said...

stratgic eating! i eat all my food in a circular fashion!

Mommy Melee said...

Dude this post was EPIC. I love it.

I skip around on exams too.