Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Daria On DVD!

I spent most of my middle and high school careers with many nicknames. Although most were unflattering, I never really took much offense when people called me "Daria," since truth be told, she was always kind of a hero of mine and it didn't make much sense as an insult. For those of you who were around for the late 90's-early 2000's, Daria was one of the best shows on MTV ever. A spinoff on the Daria Morgendorffer character on the early 90's MTV show Beavis and Butt-head (also an incredible show... although kind of the antithesis of Daria.) The show was basically about an angsty teen girl who was basically smarter than everyone around her. She had a best friend(the artsy Jane Lane) whom she confided all the sarcasm in the world. She had a crush on an unattainable guy (Trent Lane), the kind of guy we all knew at some point in our lives. She had bizarre parents (Jake and Helen Morgendorffer) who just didn't get it. She had a goody two-shoes ditzy sister (Quinn Morgendorffer) who resembles either your own sibling or a close friend/acquaintance you were bound to get stuck with time and again. And more importantly, she bared a slight resemblance to one of my favorite comediennes, Janeane Garofalo. Ah, yes.. It was a good time for smart girls who didn't give a crap if you liked them or not and told it like it is.

So why am I talking about this all now? I recently spent a few days watching as many episodes online as I could find (SurfTheChannel.com had a bunch, although past the first season, they all seem to be in French), reminiscing about my early youth, wondering why in the hell this show had yet to come to DVD. My friend Anthony gave me a copy of the Daria: Is It College Yet? movie for Christmas a year or so ago, which sufficed for a time (at least it included 2 additional episodes.) And although I have a few other episodes recorded on my old VHS tapes... it still wasn't enough.

And then, I got the good news: Daria will be available on DVD on 2010!!!

Thank you, AfterEllen.com blog, for making my day! Apparently it's not sure WHEN in 2010 it'll be available, but the point is that there is finally hope to get to watch this amazing cartoon show on DVD after almost a decade of hoping. And greater still, maybe the angsty, teen youth of today will also inherit the Daria nickname and grow up to be angsty bloggers like myself.

PS. Now if they could finally get The Wonder Years on DVD, my life will be perfect. At least, my TV watching life...


anonymous said...

haha god, i feel like anyone who had glasses, dark hair and was any sort of sarcastic/monotonous was dubbed daria back then.

... or maybe it was just us.

Christina said...

I was also dubbed Daria, and still get that sometimes. How funny!