Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Current Trends I Am Sick Of

I don't believe I'm a trendy person by any means, but it's not to say that I don't notice them now and again. Maybe some might feel that I am susceptible to trends because I wear thick rimmed glasses, but then I could retort that I've been wanting them since I was a child and saw these brown/black tiger striped thick rimmed glasses at Vision Works the first time my brother got glasses. Then again, I guess it wouldn't matter. Maybe someone would say I follow trends because of my hair cut. But I don't really do a thing with it to make it look much nicer, and my friend does hair so I let her do what she wants. I don't think it's too trendy. But who knows, right? Either way, this post isn't about me. It's about me bitching about the trends I seriously don't like. The tacky ones. And yes, some of my friends and acquaintances do follow some of these. This isn't a knock at them. I just think it's stupid period. It's okay! I do stupid things too.

#5 Neon Colored Nailpolish
Jesus H. Christ, does anyone seriously think this looks good?? I keep seeing girls wearing hot pink and bright orange and neon blue and this atrocious green and think - wow, I think I just vomited a little in my mouth. It's especially bad when it's on your toes. Face it people, toes are some of the least attractive parts of the body (especially on most people) and there is absolutely no need to call attention with bright flags that scream "look! isn't this hideous?!"

#4 BIG Plastic Glasses
Alright.... So as someone who HAS to wear glasses (I'm blind as a bat without them - been this way since I was 9), I have always resented people who wear glasses as a fashion statement. No functionality (because I'm not including sunglasses), just straight up "I want to look smarter than the average bear" fashion crap. Now... i'll accept that some people do it and can at least look somewhat tasteful. But dear god am I sick of people with these absurdly humongous glasses (which, not surprisingly, also tend to be in neon colors.) Let the 80's DIE already... Hell, chances are you weren't even born yet. *facepalm*

#3 Gladiator Sandals
I know people loved 300 and I guess thought this would be a good idea, but it's not. These sandals look impractical and seem to provide no comfort for your feet. Oh, and they're ugly. There, I said it. I guess I shouldn't judge seeing as I've never tried them, but... I don't care. Unless you're going in to the colosseum to kick the crap out of some evil emperor that killed your wife and child, leave the goddamn sandals at home. Or at least get a good sword to defend yourself from people like me who think you need to get some taste.

#2 Skinny Jeans (on Guys)
I don't mean to be sexist in any way, shape, or form. I just really hate skinny jeans on guys. I don't know what it is. I guess I like to leave something to the imagination. Or maybe it's because the majority of these guys tend to have equally ridiculous shirts and hair styles (and most likely- taste in music.) Being thin is fine, but being deathly thin is not (because chances are you have a disease and should seek some kind of help, and I'm not bashing people with EDs at all, I have a serious concern for those who are underweight and feel they need to get thinner.) But back to the actual bashing... skinny jeans on guys look stupid. Skinny jeans on girls aren't that much better either, unless you can really work it (i.e. you have an ass.) So please, for the love of god (and probably your parents who I doubt approve either), get some normal fitting pants before they rip.

#1 Finger Mustaches
What. The. Fuck. I don't know how the hell this thing got started. The first time I saw it I thought, oh, that's kind of cute. The second time I saw it I thought, hey, I wonder if they saw that where I did. Then it kept getting bigger and bigger and more and more annoying. And now everyone seems to be doing it. It's not funny. It's not cute. If you want a mustache, grow the damn thing (guys AND girls.) I have a much more profound respect for the men that sport handlebar mustaches and the drag kings who put an effort to make their facial hair look genuine. I know the finger 'stache is supposed to be goofy and all. But get an imagination and stop copying everyone else on MySpace/Facebook/whatever the fuck else is out there and be creative! Wash those mustaches off your fingers NOW! And if you're one of those people that got the mustache tattooed on their finger... Here's a butcher knife.

Disclaimer: All these pictures were found via Google Images. If any of these pictures are you, let me know and I can replace them with someone/something else.


ZZ Q said...

i kind of like neon nails, depends on the color i guess. i think it looks okay if it's a good quality nail polish and the nail is short. my toenails are a pretty bright pink right now, but i like my feet and i get them pedicured so i don't mind attracting attention to them. it's funny about feet...i used to think all feet were ugly, period. but now i think i just have a phobia about seeing guys' feet.

but as far as skinny jeans on guys and the over-sized glasses thing...too American Apparel for my taste.

ps. it's allie, haha

(She got Herself up) Killingly said...

lol i was wondering who it was. you get yo'self a blog girl? its the new hip thing. im getting sick of facebook. plus at least its giving me something to do.

ZZ Q said...
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ZZ Q said...

Wow, I completely forgot I had a blog on this thing lol. I thought I had the account from uh, my *other* blog,.

(She got Herself up) Killingly said...

lol you mean the "other" blog? haha do you still post to that? i remember you talking about it on LJ