Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 Thursday News Headlines You Might've Missed!

- The oldest potted plant in the world is being given a new home! This 240 year old cycad was discovered in the 1770s and resides in South West London. It is being replanted in to a new pot. This is news only a geek could love.

- Nature photographer Mark Moffett has a new exhibit at the Smithsonian depicting the intricate and complex lives of ants. Makes you think twice about stepping on an ant when you see it. Video report below:

- Infamous TV show host Jerry Springer has been doing a stint at Billy Flynn in the West End Live musical production of 'Chicago.' I've never seen the musical myself, or the film for that matter, but anyway, here's a clip:

- NPR has a nice little pictorial on the evolution of swim wear in the Olympics (a topic I was discussing with someone earlier this week when I heard about Michael Phelps' recent loss and how his swim wear from last year won't be allowed at the next Olympics.) I personally like Corinne Condon's outfit - i'd kill for an old school women's bathing suit!

- And finally... a woman has fallen in love with a rollercoaster. Not only that, but she plans to marry the coaster, whose name is 1001 Nachts who resides at Knoebels Amusement Park. Yes, folks. People are allowed to marry inanimate objects, but not humans of their same gender. That's the kind of country we live in.

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