Thursday, July 02, 2009

1.21 Giggawatts! Great Scott!

I know for some, THE trilogy is Star Wars (sans the new films.) For others, the younger generation, it seems to be Lord of the Rings. Others think of the Godfather (although I like to think of it as a sequal instead...) And while I like all of these films and hold them near and dear to my heart... personally, the one great trilogy always has been and always will be....

This was inspired because a friend of mine said he was going to some place called Great Scott. And you can't say Great Scott without thinking about Doc Brown and Back To The Future. What is there NOT to love about these three fantastic films?

Part 2 was my favorite growing up, but i've now come to realize that part one was simply the best. Besides setting up the storyline, it's got the best quotes and the best characters and they go back to the 50's (one of my favorite eras.) Plus, once we got to the year 2000, part 2 just didn't seem as credible (I STILL want my Hoverboard!) Part 3 is alright (like most films, the part 3 fell short of the first two.) However, it can definitely hold it's own (anything's better than Sofia Coppola's atrocious acting - I like her as a director, though!)

And let's not forget everyone's dream car...

I don't own these amazing movies for some reason, but now that i've been reminded, I plan to very soon. For now, here is someone on YouTube's entertaining tribute to the coolest friend a time traveller can have... Doc Brown:

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