Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Trailers

Thought i'd start off Tuesday's with some new trailers. They're new to me so they may or may not be new to you.

We'll start off with Rob Zombie's re-make of Halloween 2. I'm a pretty big horror movie fan (not as big as some but definitely bigger than most I know), especially the classics (I'm not talking about the old black and whites, although those are good too... I'm talking the essentials ie. Halloween series, Nightmare on Elm Street series, Friday the 13th, etc.) The Halloween series is one of my favorites (especially the first 2 original films... I can do without Halloween Resurrection though.) I finally got around to watch Rob Zombie's remake of the original film and honestly... it didn't really intrigue me much. I was expecting a lot more from Zombie, but it just turned out to be a gore fest with more raunchiness than I cared for. I kind of like his approach at showing Michael Myers' other side, or rather, explaining how he became the way he did. But still, it wasn't my favorite Halloween. The new trailer looks interesting, and i'll probably watch it, but in one of the trailers (both are included here), there seems to be some additional female character that seems to be almost trying to manipulate Myers which, if I'm correct, is going to make the film flop harder than the first one. Here's hoping it doesn't.

Next, we have Shutter Island, the latest installment from the Scorsese and DiCaprio super team. This seems unlike anything i've ever seen DiCaprio do, though I did read something about it seeming to have the same vibe as Scorsese's Cape Fear (which I haven't seen so I can't make the same observation.) However, it looks like an awesome combination of suspense, drama, and horror that no one could say no to (not to mention what is sure to be phenomenal acting and directing.) Shit, is there ANYTHING these two can't turn in to gold together? What's next - Leo DiCaprio as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake? Hell, if anyone could do it...

Continuing with pseudo-horror, we have Zombieland which looks like the American response to Shaun of the Dead (to hell with pasty chubby red headed Shaun and his paddle... now we've got Woody Harrelson sporting a pseudo-Crocodile Dundee look with a plethora of weaponry at his fingertips calling himself the best Zombie Killer ever!) Obviously this falls more in to the comedy sector than horror, but it's a zombie flick nonetheless and who doesn't love zombies?!

And speaking of zombies, who hasn't already caught a glimpse of the Nazi Zombies in Dead Snow?! I think everyone's pretty psyched about this (a friend showed me this one at a barbecue last weekend and we were all pretty impressed by the dapperly dressed undead in the trailer - and don't take the that wrong way. We can all agree Nazis were and are evil scumbags, but I can admit to thinking the uniforms were pretty sharp. I know Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia agrees with me!.)

Then we have Food, Inc. I'm actually in the midst of reading Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation (finally) and it's pretty great so far. I never saw the film though (I heard it wasn't very good... and I just found it odd that Wilmer Valderama was supposed to be in it?) Anyway, I'm all for any documentary that shines a light on the problem's with our nation's food industry (ie. the ill treatment of animals, the use of pesticides and hormones and other crap that they feed us, etc.) I doubt it'll open many eyes since chances are most of the people going to see this won't be the Wal-Mart crowd that NEEDS their eyes opened but rather people like me that already know about the shady practices and want to know more. Either way, check it out and learn more about where your chicken mcnuggets come from.

In the same vein as Food, Inc., we've got The End of the Line, a documentary about the severe problems with overfishing. An article on overfishing (not to mention a little incessant nagging by my part I must admit) are what got my boyfriend to go full on vegetarian. Hopefully this will be as impacting to others as well.

We also have the latest Untitled Michael Moore Project, which had no available trailer on YouTube but you can watch it here. I know Moore rubs some people the wrong way, but I kinda like his in your face approach at documentary making. Hopefully this one is as good as the rest (as apparently it deals with the bullshit situation our country is in now - the "recession.")

One final documentary that looks pretty good is The Unmistaken Child, about the trials and tribulations of a monk in search of his reincarnated master.

What films are you looking forward to seeing the next few months?

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