Monday, June 15, 2009

Smug little bastard.

Anyone living in Miami right now probably knows about the recent chain of mutilations and murders of neighborhood cats in the Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay areas. It's been going on for weeks, and like most sensible people, i've been outraged by these senseless killings. While some might have assumed that the person responsible for the deaths was likely some deranged old loner, it turned out to be some schmucky 18 year old kid. A kid with an obnoxious, smug smile on his mugshot. Tyler Weinman, you are on my shitlist, friend. What kind of person, whether it be male, female, old, young, whatever... what kind of person does something this heinous? Some people who knew him say oh, he couldn't have! And that he was so nice to their pets. But obviously that was just a ruse. This kid is most definitely some kind of sociopath. He's described as a class clown type, charming kind of guy. Yeah, this kid was able to get people to like him it seems, and have them believe he would be incapable of performing such atrocities. And yet he did. And doesn't seem to show an single ounce of remorse. Hell, if I wasn't guilty of a crime, I would certainly not be SMILING in my mug shot. I'd probably look terrified, maybe even crying. It makes me sad to think of how painful if must have been for those poor kitties, and their poor families who had to find them with smashed skulls and severed body parts, gutted alive on their front porches. It's nice to see that Miami-Dade Police finally took an animal cruelty case seriously, although I'm almost sure they wouldn't have caught him had he only killed one or two. It took the death of, what, 20 cats to catch this sonofabitch? People don't respect animal life and don't care for it, because they always feel like we're superior. Take this asshole from Associated Content, who, while he makes a valid point about the fact that we definitely need to make just as strong an effort to catch murderers of humans, seems to want to off-handedly belittle the lives of those cats who suffered and died under this sadistic fucks' reign of terror. He decides that although it's good they caught this guy, the time and effort spent on catching him could've been put to "better use." I couldn't disagree more. And it's that kind of thinking that usually allows animal killers/abusers to go unpunished, and who later become human serial killers.  Considering he has several third and second degree felony counts, I'm hoping this kid is behind bars for at least a few years, and that he receives many years of psychological help. God knows he needs it.

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