Friday, June 26, 2009

Free At Last?

Nearly three years after the Jena Six case made headlines, outraging thousands of people, the case seems to finally be coming to a close. According to CNN, 5 of the 6 students will have to pay $500 to the family of Justin Barker along with a week of unsupervised probation. While I don't condone violence, I understand the frustration the 6 boys must have been feeling when so much hate was being flung their way at the time. And the fact that they were being sentenced for attempted murder was obviously over the line. It's nice to see that justice still has a place in our society, even if it's painfully slow at times...

However, I'm still waiting for more news on the Oscar Grant shooting case... The last news article I can find is that the BART officer wants a change of venue. Son of a bitch. This guy needs to be in jail already for obviously murdering someone when there was absolutely no need for it. 

Visit to find ways in which you can help (or learn more about) these cases and other cases involving racially based injustices. 

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